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Our New

Our New Transformation

Becoming Diversified Technologies

Find out more about the evolution of our Digital Software Services firm, and check out our new Small-Medium Business Software Infrastructure service offering. Don't let cost be an issue. Get started on your company's technology today!

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Alabama State University

Through working with Diversified Technologies over several years, Alabama State University has propelled its organization through the utilization of our Digital Transformation solutions. Learn more about what we provide today!

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Our Partnership With Accenture. Explosive Data Optimization!

To find out more about our work with Accenture and how you can be a part of it, contact us today!

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CivOps by Diversified Technologies

Our Startup Spinout

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Find out more about what we have to offer!

Small & Medium Businesses

Find out how to enable peak competitive business for your Small/Medium Business today by learning more about our cost-effective IT infrastructure!
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Digital Change

Analytics, Edge Computing, and 5G provided to our customers from a dynamic perspective.
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Digital Transformation

Taking your traditional Enterprise Resource and Consumer Resource Model to the next level.
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Agile Model Optimization

Be on the cutting edge of performance through unparalleled speed, reliability, standardization, but also customization to accommodate adjustments to change.
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Creative Strategies

21st century marketing has become entirely contingent upon an organization’s ability to peak interest in end-users.
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Custom Engineering & Development

We adopted engineering practices to deliver quality connectivity strategies and implementation to clients of all facets.
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Digital Marketing & Technology

We provide an array of industry-standard strategies to ensure that your marketing channels are optimized and configured to enable more lucrative business options. Our practices include tactics such as SEO, Social Media and Email Advertising, Content Creation and Distribution, Campaign Development, and many more. We find it essential that our approaches and methodologies breed results and are delivered to exceed the expectations of the client. We take pride in delivering pivotal and proficient services to generate unprecedented growth on the highest levels possible. Capitalize off of opportunity derived from dynamic digital experiences across a wide spectrum through our Web Development services.


AT&T, one of the leading worldwide providers of IP-based communications services, needed to supplement its Atlanta based cellular network operations with IT resources to maintain their server networks.

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Johns Creek

Johns Creek is a State of Georgia municipality on the cutting-edge of organizational transformation & change. The city needed a solution to accommodate modern tech approaches, with longevity, at cost-effective rates.

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More About Our Company

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Understand more about what it means to be a part of our talented community!


Corporate Responsibility

Our concerted focus on giving back to our community.


Our Locations

Find us across the country at our various locations.