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Our Transformation

The Evolving Mastery

For years our company has forged a path to accessing high profile and quality clients. We accomplished this by promoting strong relationships with unparalleled capacities for implementing a wide range of technologies in various industries across the country. As our capacity evolved, so did our capabilities, which has provided our firm the chance to deliver technologies that are empowered through innovative resources implemented at peak levels of performance. Our firm practices in connecting and resonating with clients that embrace and promote technological practices that allow users to experience their work at higher levels, while also maintaining the integrity of the client-organization.

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Our History

Diversified Technologies LLC was formed in 2004 as a sole member limited liability corporation in the state of Alabama. Diversified Technologies provides computer engineering solutions in a variety of industries through an array of technological mechanisms to private and public sectors. As a leading SMB service provider, Diversified Technologies provided services to a large variety of recognizable clients, managing over 500 employees on more than 300 different projects. Our IT prowess has allowed us to partner with companies such as Sunny Delight, ABM, Northrop Grumman, AT&T, and The City of Atlanta. We pride ourselves in dedication, hard work, and good business ethics. We put a heavy emphasis on giving back to the community and want to make sure that we provide as much opportunity as possible. Diversified Technologies is proud to recognize a wide range of relationships and we hope to see you sometime in the near future.

More On Our Transformation

We hope that you will take an opportunity to become a part of the Diversified Technologies community, whether directly through us, or through any of our subsidiaries, and we look forward to hearing and seeing you soon!

  • Growth

    We continue to operate from a Small-Medium Business (SMB) capacity at cost-effective rates with a comprehensive outlook on longevity and precision in each aspect of the solution. As our community grows, we hope to welcome clients, partners, and associates with open arms to allow you to excel at the Digital Divide into the next Digital Frontier. As our company evolves, so will our technology, and we vow to ensure that all of our offerings exceed industry-standards and the expectations of our peers.

    For Small & Medium Businesses
  • Our New Companies

    Over the years, our ability to provide technology in various industries, unlocked several windows of opportunity. In that time, we were able to provide services in not only technology, but also in Construction and Manufacturing. Because of our prowess and strong foothold established in each of these sectors, our company remains involved in these industries, but because of our intensified and intimate focus and approach to digital solutions, our company has spent significant time transforming our old Construction and Manufacturing services into new subsidiaries. Our firm has injected significant, tangible and intangible investments into our new companies. We have taken the time to guarantee that, as clients, you will be satisfied with the revolutionary and game-changing offering that we have worked on with these new organizations. While our company will no longer be providing these services, we hope that you can find a home in one of our new daughter organizations.

    Our Spinoff Subsidiaries


  • Diversified Technologies is the premier leading provider of technical resources and solutions. The success of our company depends on the quality of our resources. Our company finds it essential to enable and motivate employees through incentivizing, access to the optimal resources and technologies, and by providing an high quality environment. Our company culture continues to grow through great talent and diversity, and we offer options that can’t be beat. All of our benefits, amenities, and aid are industry standard. We take pride in encouraging our employees to work dynamically amongst each other, their clients, and our partners, while providing flexible options for carrying out responsibilities. We hold our employees to high standards through a competitve and challenging work environment.

    If you would like to be involved with our growing and thriving community at Diversified Technologies please contact [email protected]

Corporate Responsibility

At Diversified Technologies we take extreme pride in incorporating ethics into our business endeavors. We find it extremely important to give back to our community and to participate in the communities we serve. We put a heavy emphasis on Integrity, Loyalty, Accountability, and Honesty. The culmination of these ethical values allows us to maintain a positive relationship with our customers, suppliers, employees, and especially our communities. At Diversified Technologies we like to make sure that we make a strong effort to not corner our funds into revenues and expenses, but to also do something good for our community. If you would like to establish a community outreach relationship with Diversified Technologies in any form please contact [email protected]


to find out how to get more information regarding our various resources, services, and solutions by contacting our staff by phone, email, or in our office locations:

  • Bronze Horizon Interactive Award Winner

    Received a 2017 Horizon Interactive Award in the Website category for Government Agency

  • UNCF Leadership Conference Sponsor Award

    Diversified Technologies was recognized for its work with youth leadership through outreach to students through our firm.

  • County Government Experience Finalist

    Diversified Technologies was recognized for its web project with DeKalb County by GovTech.

Our Locations

Contact Us to Find out how to get more information about our various resources, services, and solutions by contacting our staff by phone or in our office locations:

100 PeachtreeLos Angeles OfficeHouston OfficeRoswell Office
100 Peachtree Street Suite 1910 Atlanta, GA 30303Los Angeles, CAHouston, TXRoswell, GA
Tel: (404) 522-8112Tel: (310) 596 7262Tel: (713) 352 7736Tel: (678) 353 3357
Fax: (404) 907 3055Fax: (424) 465 2163Fax: (713) 352 1474Fax: (678) 353 3211

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    We greatly appreciate your patience while we continue to make the finishing touches on our site. For now, please enjoy!