Appnova Technologies

At Appnova Technologies, we are on a mission to deliver transformative cloud solutions by captivating clients and the market through innovative, intuitive, and high-performing cloud development services. We provide clients peak competitive advantages through our dynamic cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) prowess. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA as a spinoff of Diversified Technologies, Appnova is strategically designed and built to engineer technically sound solutions that are capable of fulfilling various industry needs to propel organization’s Digital Transformation and Change, Agile Model Optimization, Custom Engineering & Development, and Digital Marketing. We accomplish this through our adeptness in infrastructure modernization, cloud-software driven business, intelligent analytics, IoT connected enterprise, and digital workplace productivity.


CivOps is a Search Engine-Based, Multi-Channel Citizen Engagement platform with enhanced Cloud-Based CRM capabilities and seamless API integration. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. We provide universal end-to-end user interfacing by automatically connecting end-users to their respective local municipalities through location IP Address retrieval, which seamlessly connects citizen end-users with local municipality end-users that exist in the database. Municipalities can easily update their information to their database, which can be featured through integration on specific websites, web applications, mobile applications, etc.

Modulist Construction Support & Facility Services

At Modulist, Strategic Development to us is more than business opportunity in Real Estate, but is an art form that means limitless possibilities. For years our trademark has remained Engineering and Specialty Trade Subcontracting in the Construction Industry, but as the industry has grown, so has our firm. We find it incumbent upon ourselves to evolve as a firm to accommodate the ever-growing demands of our clients. Our company is pleased to announce the launch of its new line of construction support and facilities services products and services to ensure that Industrial Architecture, Engineering and Specialty Trade Subcontracting, and Property Development & Facilities Services are provided at a higher quality and at a more cost-effective rate!

Dreamworx Development

Our Integrated Investment offering thrives on the Strategic Advisory, Development, Management, and the Brokerage of products and companies, but we excel through the ability to leverage our Investment Advisory and Management in conjunction with these services to provide scheduling and financing options that are more dynamic and accessible to our products/companies and to financiers. Enable peak growth and expansion over the long-term with Dreamworx Development!