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Digital Transformation Planning

We optimize our Digital Transformation solution to optimize management functionality, speed of performance, quality of performance, order of operations and functionality, and more to disrupt the traditional business model and propel it beyond the organization’s expectations.


QuickBooks (QB) Desktop to Cloud

Implement QB Clouds. Migrate current QB files to QB online for access through Web interface from Internet. Features include • Access for up to 5 people • Track income & expenses • Capture & organize receipts • Maximize tax deductions • Invoice & accept payments • Run advanced reports • Send estimates • Track sales & sales tax • Manage bills • Multiple users (5) • Track time • Track projects • Track inventory • Manage 1099 contractors • Full Service Payroll for up to 15 employees Testing, production and on-going support is included in the solution

Base SMB Infrastructure

Our operations management system is comprehensive, UI friendly, and customizable. The system shares secure information across a secured and allocated network or cloud body of permitted individuals and can interface with the other applications of recommendation provided within our solution. The operations management system allows clients to utilize customizable features to fit their project needs. The system ensures the facilitation of the project scope, assuring that the entire project is efficient and effective via information sharing and management. The system is intranet based and can be configured for cloud usage or VPN usage with interchangeable application and API integration in the following categories: • WAN/LAN/SAN • Wireless Networks • Routers • VPN • Standard Server • Internet • Intranet • Cloud-Based • Mobile

Data Protection and Security

Maintaining an enterprise network and cloud is a top priority. We are able to maintain network security by adhering to industry standard security reference models. We make this possible by restricting inflows and outflows of traffic from and to the Internet, utilizing proxies, and by establishing rules for file transfers and authorized users. By blocking peer-to-peer file sharing and social-type solutions, security can be held to an extremely high standard. The solution conducts frequent backups throughout the infrastructure solution and we can also automate the process for our clients. Notifications and alerts for backups can be effectively sent to our clients’ administrators. Our company, as scheduled, can conduct large backups, and we make the routine job effortless! Special techniques: • Database Administrator Monitor • Integrates with multiple software systems • Included Ontology within BPM structure • A/V Software Security Application Integrations and APIs • Bastion host configurations, complex passwords, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, multi-layered firewalls, secure backups, and continuous intrusion monitoring systems • Data in transit encryption using AES-256/HMAC SHA512 (IKEv2) • SSAE/SOC audits and reports • Host Intrusion Prevention • Inventory and accounting control for assets which hold sensitive data

Cloud Based Process Analytics

The Business Process Analytics solution utilizes one of the most enriching analytics solutions on the market. BPM process analytics utilizes a dashboard for monitoring bottlenecks, productivity, inflows and outflows, work distribution, and more. Dashboard design includes Geo-maps, scatter charts, tree maps, bubble charts, and more. BPM process analytics also includes a BI dashboard feature, which is also capable of generating multiple forms of reports.

Solution Configuration & Support

Setup and Configuration Our setup procedure requires that the entire project is planned and phased as effectively and efficiently as possible. During this phase the installation of the necessary system will commence, and a full understanding of the solution needed from the business perspective will take place. Most of the design application will also be setup, and the training required, prior to the build of the system, will occur. PC, Laptop, Mobile, Printer and Tablet setup and maintenance There are always instances that a solution will need to undergo maintenance, touch-ups, or changes. In the case that a solution needs any of these types of improvements, the continuous improvement process makes it possible for the client to utilize the project as support. During this process, if any changes are conducted, then the team will be re-updated on the training protocols necessary to keep the system functioning. In the case that any changes need to be made, they can be implemented during the post support phase. Additionally, any major and minor questions, issues, or concerns that the client may have can be addressed.