At Diversified Technologies, our firm works to develop custom solutions outside the scope of our standard suite of services to assure clients are properly accommodated with solutions that fit. With the City of Atlanta, our skilled experts were able to work to leverage our Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution to provide the client a customized Business License Information System (BLIS) with a targeted focus on IBM mainframe data conversions, Office of Revenue Reporting system custom developments, and Tyler Technologies’ Energov User Interfacing.


Diversified Technologies was honored to be contracted by Turner Broadcasting System in order to provide Airport Facilities Satellite Support and Maintenance. We work closely with the Cable News Network (CNN) to ensure the optimized Audio/Visual systems functioned at full operability providing 24/7 on-call hardware maintenance services working with the distribution systems. We are excited to expand upon their support capabilities as we progress into the future with this client.


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Industry Solutions

Across industries, organizations maintain distinctly different requirements. It is our goal to ensure that no matter what industry your practice that solutions can be provided to accommodate any process, product, or function of the operation.