Need – Sunny D needed a reliable outsourcer to provide labor for specific operational functions, accommodate seasonal demands, and provide contract-to-hire employees.

Benefits – Sunny D determined that by outsourcing certain functions it could reduce costs while at the same time increase efficiencies.

Solution  – DT provides electrical and mechanical technicians to Sunny D under 90 day temporary-to-permanent agreements.  DT also provides the fork lift services to support Sunny D’s 24 hours by 7 days a week shipping and receiving operation.  DT provides industrial engineering, project management, and logistical support to supplement the core Sunny D team with specialty skills on an as-needed basis. DT supports Sunny D’s logistical team with temporary and day labor resources.  Offering 24 hours a day access to our managers, DT provides resources just in time to support temporary increases in demand. Sunny D also leverages our public and private resource databases to hire proven full time employees.