Based on years of providing staff augmentation services, DT utilizes a proven methodology that places the most effective resources in key positions in a timely fashion. Our total focus revolves around client and employee satisfaction. Our 6-step approach is summarized as follows:

  • Responsive and Effective – to be responsive and effective, we develop an intimate knowledge of our client’s operation. This familiarity with your operation allows us to understand your needs and be prepared to provide you with quality resources timely. Although an order may not be active, our recruiters will continue to identify potential resources that could possibly enhance our client’s mission.
  • Thorough Understanding of Requirements – our managers and recruiters themselves have the technical and engineering background to allow us to develop statement of works from customer requirements or to understand SOWs provided by the customer. Furthermore, our experience gives us an understanding of your overall concept of operation. These capabilities allow us to provide the most qualified candidate that are neither under qualified nor over qualified. Under qualification causes customer dissatisfaction and eventually failure. Over qualification tends to drive price up unnecessarily.
  • Recruiting and Screening – our team of technical recruiters utilizes public and private databases to identify potential candidates. Candidates are then screened over the phone and in-person by the recruiters who use a pre-approved checklist of questions developed from your requirements. Candidates that pass the screening process are presented to you for a final interview. As we become more familiar with your operation and you with ours, customers may choose not to interview candidates themselves thus alleviating the need for you to expend additional resources during the placement process.
  • Drug and Background Checks – as a final step, prior to placing a candidate into your business, drug and back ground checks are performed. The depth and breadth of these checks are specified by you. Results are available to you for your files and records. Candidates passing this final step are then ready to join your team.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Our services do not end once an employee starts work. We believe that frequent follow ups with clients are crucial to a long term relationship. In addition to the frequent follow ups, formal customer surveys are conducted. If for some reason, an intervention with our employee is required, our management will quickly address any issues. If replacements are made, we work with your team to minimize disruption.
  • Employee Satisfaction – We also believe that a happy employee is an effective employee. Therefore, we are pro-active in working with our employees to ensure that they are as satisfied as possible. We provide multiple employment options including full time, W-2, and 1099 employment. In addition we provide competitive, bi-monthly pay. Performance reviews are provided at a minimum of once every six (6) months.