At Diversified Technologies, LLC we exhaust efficient and effective manufacturing services and support through a concise system and team of experts and proprietors. We are able to provide these services via supplemental operations with an ideal staff that allow for operational improvement. Through this service we are able to consult with clients to integrate higher quality solutions. Our services include:

Process Improvement Studies

This set of services is designed to identify and isolate areas of fault or vulnerability to improve the manufacturing operations. To accomplish these goals, we perform:

Time Studies: Time Studies are the direct and continuous observations of tasks performed by specific machinery in specific manufacturing processes. By using time-keeping devices to record the time taken to execute manufacturing tasks, we can increase the productivity and efficiency of our clients system.

Video Analysis Studies: To enhance Time-Lapse Studies, it is often times important to not only record the data, but to have the ability to visualize the data being recorded. By doing this, our clients become capable of isolating errors in the manufacturing process, and they gain the capability to see the errors in real-time to no time at all.

Interviews: Interviews are an integral cog in determining the appropriate implementation process needed for your company. Clients such as Mangers, Technical and Specialist staffs, and production staffs are interviewed logistically and operationally in order to determine the appropriate implementation plan.

Documenting Studies: By documenting our findings, we are able to report to our clients concisely and comprehensively on what exactly was determined from the studies.

Facility Services

Diversified Technologies, LLC has an outstanding performance record in terms of Facility Services. Our facility services allow for optimal productivity, while also allowing the operation of the manufacturing facility to perform at its peak.  Our facility services include:

  • Operations and maintenance of the facility
  • HVAC Mechanics
  • Engineering

Engineering Services

Diversified Technologies, LLC’s engineering programs follows a proven methodology to achieving our client’s goals and objectives. Our process is comprised of the following tasks:

  • Review and study current operation through tours, interviews, and videos
  • Identify and isolate areas for engineering improvements
  • Conduct feasibility studies
  • Design solutions and maintain design document (new assembly systems or enhancements to existing assembly systems.
  • Prototype and simulation
  • Testing
  • Implementation

Project Management

Included in each of our engagements is project management. Our project manager provides a single point of contact to our clients to ensure an on time and on budget project. Included in our project management services:

  • Developing, managing, and monitoring the project schedule
  • Weekly status reports
  • Bi-weekly status meetings
  • Collaboration web site for document management and sharing
  • Deliverable and risk management

Allocated Staffing

Diversified Technologies, LLC’s staffing services are designed to augment our clients operation to add additional staff, to provide temporary experts, and to supplement scarce resources. Diversified Technologies, LLC specializes in:

  • Production support
  • Maintenance mechanics and electricians
  • Engineers

Integrating Information Technology

Diversified Technologies, LLC’s IT solution assist organization is establishing their computer networks within the manufacturing facility. This includes:

  • Networking
  • ERP Integration
  • PLC programming

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