Electronic Commerce

Our Electronic Commerce solutions are turnkey solutions designed to provide you with secure, reliable, and efficient web sites that collect fees though the Internet for various event and activities such as:

  • Donor Contributions
  • Orientation
  • Event Registration
  • Application Fees

Our solution includes the merchant processing for credit card transactions. We collect the funds and deposit them directly into your bank account. And through our integrated commerce solution, we minimize those unnecessary transaction charges embedded in the solutions of our competitors. Our reports and interfaces allow you to make accurate journal entries. Our solution includes:

  • Customized Web Page Designs
  • Database integration
  • ERP integration
  • Reporting
  • Credit Card processing

Finally, because our solution integrates directly with your database, we’re able to integrate with both PeopleSoft and Banner ERP systems.

Process Design and Automation

We are all faced with the challenges of doing more with less. Budgets are tightening, cash flow is slowing, and competition is increasing. Universities can no longer make significant capital outlays but must leverage existing assets to increase efficiencies among its key departments such as Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Records, and Student Receivables.

Toward this end, our team of experts works with the University to identify areas of automation and business process redesign to improve efficiencies and increase customer service. Some of the areas include:

  • Digital scanning of transcripts
  • System interfaces
  • Bar-coding
  • Document management and workflow
  • Retention Management System

Our key focus is to give you the capabilities to attract and retain your students through the use of effective technology and reporting systems.  Those Universities who can continue to attract students in these changing times and retain them will be those who are more successful.

Audits, Assessments, and Evaluations

The reliability of a University’s computing infrastructure plays a direct role in the accuracy of its financial statements as well as in the integrity and preservation of students’ records. These along with other key reporting requirements of the University requires ensuring that the data is accurate, reliable, protected, and secure. Furthermore, the infrastructure must support the ever growing demands of its community. Networks have to be prepared for smart phones, touch pads, wireless, video, graphics and voice.

DT’s services are designed to provide the University with the current state of its IT organization and infrastructure; and provide a concise roadmap to the future.

DT’s certified resources are experienced with both the University’s administrative and academic computing infrastructure, security, and disaster security. Our auditing services are designed to work with Universities such as yours to prepare for accrediting audits, State audits, and other agencies’ audits.

Through our evaluations and assessments, we present the University’s leadership with resource evaluations, training plans, and technology roadmaps.

Utilizing Best Practices as our guidelines, DT designs and implements its solution customized for your culture, budget, and requirements.

Representative Clients

  • Alabama State University
  • Morehouse University
  • Tuskegee University