At Diversified Technologies, LLC we take extreme pride in incorporating ethics into our business endeavors. We find it extremely important to give back to our community and to participate in the communities we serve. We put a heavy emphasis on Integrity, Loyalty, Accountability, and Honesty. The culmination of these ethical values allows us to maintain a positive relationship with our customers, suppliers, employees, and especially our communities. At Diversified Technologies, LLC we like to make sure that we make a strong effort to not corner our funds into revenues and expenses, but to also do something good for our community.

Some of our recent work includes:

  • Literacy in Action
  • Red Cross
  • UNCF
  • Missionaries of the Poor
  • St. Vincent DePaul
  • Benefit Concerts: Tribe of Judah

We have also recently taken to our youth within the community, and we have had the opportunity to provide our youth with scholarship options and company internships. At Diversified Technologies, LLC we hope that our Corporate Responsibility will have a lasting impact on the community. We hope that our actions will return tenfold, so that others may follow our lead and so that we may be able to continue to support our community in several aspects into the future.

If you would like to establish a community outreach relationship with Diversified Technologies, LLC in any form please contact